GBingTrans for DVX and MemoQ

N.B. If you are using the latest Unicode-enabled version of Autohotkey, please download GBingTrans_u.ahk

This Authotkey script uses either Microsoft Translator or the Google Translate API to translate segments seamlessly in DVX or MemoQ.

Once you have Autohotkey installed, download and save the script, then double-click on it to run it.

When you are in a target segment of the translation grid, use the Windows-G key combination to translate, just as you would use Assemble. Use the Windows-Shift-G key combination to toggle between translation engines (Microsoft Translator is the default option). Of course, you may change the key combination you want to use by editing the script.

Unless you translate from French to English, you will probably need to change the language combination. Edit lines 26 and 27 appropriately, save and run the script again.

The script relies heavily on the COM.ahk library functions, which are included for convenience. I needed to upgrade my version of Autohotkey to 1.0.48 to get the library functions to work.

I have not tested the script extensively, so let me know if you experience any problems and I will do my best to answer them when I have time.

Many thanks to Endre who has let me know that if you plan to use the script with DVX2 (have not had a chance to download it yet), you need to search and replace Deja for Déjà in the script before running it. I have updated the Unicode-enabled version of the script below, but not the earlier version.

If you are using the latest Unicode-enabled version of Autohotkey (Autohotkey_L), please download GBingTrans_u.ahk

Download GBingTrans.ahk

Download GBingTrans_u.ahk

Thanks a million. Very very very useful – way better than the copy paste thing and doesn’t put the entire document at the mercy of a third party as the machine translation plugin does.

Part of my tool set as of NOW!!!!

Hi Jon,

no joy here.
I installed the latest AHK version first. As a result, my existing standard ahk script does not run any more. There are several error messages about invalid parameters. Tried to edit this, but could not get to run it any more.
Then, there’s no “download” properly. A new window pops up in FF with the script.
So I copied this, pasted it in a text editor and saved this as an AHK file.
Trying to start this, I also get an error message:
“Parameter #2 invalid
Specifically: Unicode
Line # [61 through 66, starting with “{
069 Clipwait
072 Transform,var,Unicode
The program will exit”
I have Windows XP SP2
Kind regards,

Hi Jon,
many thanks for helping me so quickly! It appears the error was due on my own existing ahk script. Everything is running fine now.

Hey Clemens/Jon –

I’m getting the same error.
Error: Parameter #2 invalid
Specifically: Unicode
Line #
063: Else
064: {
065: Send, ^a
067: Send,^c
070: ClipWait
073: Transform,var,Unicode
The program will exit.”

Can you please help me with resolving this ?

Hi Jon,

Just ran across your script and it is exactly what I have been looking for.

I use both memoq and DVX and I also find that Google translate saves me a lot of time and quite often provides good suggestions.
Right now I cut and paste into memoq and DVX.

I just installed AutoHotKey_L with unicode enabled. I think it is version 1.0.96.
Do you know if your script will run on this version? There was a warning that some older scripts might not work. Just wanted to check with you before I tried it since I don’t really know anything about scripting.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hello Jon,

Thank you for putting efforts in this script.
I have downloaded your script, but could not put it to work yet. It seems I have to insert my home page (homepage = “”) – and I do not understand which homepage we are talking about.
Thank you,



Many thanks for this great script. To make it work with the new DVX2, you have to change Deja to Déjà (or add it as a further criterion to the relevant if clauses), and you have to make sure you save the unicode version encoded as UTF8.


Does anyone know if this script (or a modified version) could be used with Idiom Worldserver Desktop Workbench? Idiom is almost the same as DVX.



I installed it in Windows 7 and it doesn’t work with DVX. Does the script support Windows 7? It seems the script changes from Bing to Google with Windows+Shift+G, but Windows+G doesn’t get any translation in DVX.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jon,
many thanks for the script – it is perfect, maybe except the blindness for tags in memoq – if the word is surrounded by tags, it will not be recognized/translated

Best regards,


I have downloaded the Autohotkey_L, the GBingTrans_u.ahk, installed them. Have changed “deja” with the accented version and the language codes into “en” and “hu” (one of my language combinations). On Shift-Win-G i can see that there is a switch between MS translatot and Google translator, but this is all. In DVX2 nothinging happens.
DVX2 latest build, Win7. Could it be that the latter is the problem? Has anyone used the script under W7?


Hello Jon,
thank you very much for a very useful script.
With Google Translate now using v2 of its Translate API, and moving to a paid service, how can the API key be included in the script? I tried researching the issue before writing this message, but to no avail. With Trados, I’m using a temporary workaround with Fiddler2 (a web debugging program), but no idea what to do with DVX.
Thank you in advance for your help,
Best regards,

I am currently testing a new version of this script for v2 of the Google Translate API. It should be available soon.

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